Fibromyalgia: Why You May Not Be Getting the Proper Diagnosis

Fibromyalgia is most commonly known for causing widespread pain throughout the body. In fact,  it is the main symptom. However, it seems like many people have a hard time getting a proper diagnosis. This is puzzling, as more and more cases of fibromyalgia are being seen. A recent study may shed some light on why it [...]

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8 Possible Causes of Neck Pain, 1 Natural Solution

A large majority of people will experience neck pain or stiffness on occasion. This is usually due to overuse or extended periods of poor posture, and the pain typically subsides within a few days. Neck pain can also be caused by slips, falls, sports injuries, car accidents, whiplash, concussion, and any other number of possible traumas. [...]

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The Agony of Back Pain and Where to Look for Help

Back pain is a very common condition affecting 80% of all US citizens at least once in their lifetime, according to the Mayo Clinic. Back pain causes people to miss work and is a common reason for visits to the family doctor. While it is uncomfortable and can cause quite a bit of pain, it is [...]

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3 Common Neck Pain Causes, 1 Lasting Solution

Neck pain can have many sources and can feel very different from case to case. Your neck can feel stiff, or you might experience sharp pain when you turn your head left or right.  The neck is a complex combination of bones, ligaments, and muscles. It must be strong enough to support the weight of your [...]

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3 Common Causes of Neck Pain, 1 Natural Solution

Even though you'd be hard pressed to meet someone who has never experienced neck pain, that doesn't mean that suffering with ongoing pain is normal. There can be many reasons why your neck hurts, and that pain can come in various forms. Some neck pain is dull and always present to some degree, or it can [...]

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Gilbert Wellness Center Takes a Deeper Look at Work Injuries

The perfect job may be different to everyone. Often, people dream of a big corner office, a leather swivel chair, a picture window overlooking the city, and a big paycheck. While this may sound ideal, it is important to note that even a job this wonderful can leave one open to injury at work. Does that [...]

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5 Common Causes of Low Back Pain in Urbandale, IA

Lower back pain is far from an uncommon condition. At some point in their lives, up to 80% of adults will experience low back pain in one form or another. Low back pain does not discriminate – men and women are equally affected. The pain can range from occasional sharp sensations to a constant dull ache. [...]

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Neck Pain & Whiplash Injury – Beyond Car Accidents

The first thing most people think of when they hear the word whiplash is a car accident, and a bad one at that.  Whiplash happens when your head and neck shift back and forth rapidly. This extreme stress causes damage to the soft tissues and vertebrae of the neck. What many people may not realize, however, [...]

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A Cost-Effective Approach to Neck Pain Relief

In the US, the annual cost of back and neck pain is about $88 billion per year. Only cancer, diabetes, and heart disease cost Americans more money. Sadly, despite all of that money being spent, most people are not finding satisfying ways to get resolution from the pain. Since spine pain affects approximately 80% of people [...]

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